Maa Anandmai ji

She is considered to be one of the most important spiritual figures of the 20th century. Her teachings and example continue to inspire people around the world.
Sri Sri Ma Anandmayi was once asked a question as to how much freedom of action does a human being have? Mother’s answer was that we have only one option whether we love God or not. There is no other option. If we love God, our thoughts and resolutions will also be good. Then automatically our actions will also be good. If there are egoistic thoughts then automatically the actions will also be bad.
,Anandamayi Ma was a Hindu saint and mystic who lived in India from 1896 to 1982. She was known for her ecstatic dancing and singing, and for her ability to heal the sick. She was also a teacher of Advaita Vedanta, a Hindu philosophy that emphasizes the unity of all being.

Anandamayi Ma was born in a small village in Bengal, India. When she was 18 years old, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening. After this experience, she began to live a life of renunciation and devotion to God. She traveled throughout India, teaching and giving darshan. She attracted a large following of disciples, who came to her for spiritual guidance and healing. She was also known for her ability to perform miracles, such as healing the sick and raising the dead.

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Sri Sri Anandamayi Maa has been a very famous saint of India who was revered by many great saints. Mother was born on 30 April 1896 in Kheura village of Brahmanbaria district of then India, which is now a part of Bangladesh. Father Shri Bipin Bihari Bhattacharya and mother Mokshada Sundari used to call her Nirmala in her childhood. Nirmala studied in a rural school for two years. At the age of 13, you were married to Ramani Mohan Chakraborty of Vikrampur as per the tradition of that time. At the age of 17, she went to live with her husband in Oshtha village in 1918 from where he moved to Bajitpur where he lived till 1924.
Whenever her husband tried to take her into worldly behavior, Anandamayi’s mother would divert her mind from vices by telling her the glory of self-control and satsang, and by serving her a little. In this way many days passed, weeks passed, many months passed but Anandamayi mother did not let her husband fall into vices. Finally, after several months, one day her husband said: “Even though you have married me, why do you keep me away so long?”
Then mother Anandamayi replied: “I have definitely got married, but the real meaning of marriage is this: Marriage means happiness. To achieve real happiness, husband and wife should be supportive of each other and not exploiters. Falling into lust is not a fruit of marriage.” In this way, with many tricks and with utmost humility, she made her husband understand. Despite not falling into the filth of the world, she served her husband very well. When her husband came home from work, she would prepare hot food and feed him.
She also used to practice meditation at home. Sometimes she would meditate while cooking pulses on the stove and walking on the terrace towards the moon in the open sky. She would become so engrossed in meditation that the pulses kept on the stove would burn into coal. If the family members scolded her, she would silently accept her mistake, but from inside she would understand that ‘I am not going on any wrong path…’ In this way, the sequence of her meditation continued. While staying at home, he gained some ability to concentrate. One night she got up and woke up her husband also. Then after thinking about Mahakali herself, she ordered her husband: “Worship Mahakali.” Her husband worshiped her. He started seeing Mahakali in Anandamayi Maa. He bowed to Mother Anandamayi.
Then mother Anandamayi said – Now we have to see Mahakali from mother’s eyes only, right?”
Husband: “What happened?”
Anandamayi Maa – “Your welfare is done.”
It is said that she initiated her husband and made him a monk and sent him to the ashram in Uttarkashi.
In 1922, while observing the moon on the Sharad Purnima of October, she became absorbed in deep meditation and became one with the Supreme Truth. At that time the age of the body was 26 years. In 1929, the first ashram was built in the Kalimandir complex of Ramani. Once she went into silence for more than a year. Samadhi and silence is enough. Patidev had a motherly feeling in him and he became his disciple by the name of Bholenath.
Later she continued traveling across India. Hari Baba, Oriya Baba, Akhandanand Saraswati etc. were friendly saints. Paramahansa Yogananda and Swami Shivananda all called her a highly developed flower equipped with self-light, but she called all the saints as father, even if they were 25 year old sages.
Mother Anandamayi had great love for the saints. Although she was worshiped by the Prime Minister, she herself enjoyed worshiping the saints. Whenever Shri Akhandanandji Maharaj used to do satsang, she would sit at his feet and listen to the satsang. Once at the completion of the satsang, Mother Anandamayi went carrying a plate on her head. There was a silver Shivalinga in that plate. While giving the plate to Akhandanandji, she said— “Babaji! You have told the story, take Dakshina, Babaji take more Dakshina.”
Akhandanandji: “Mother! What else are you giving?”
Mother- “Babaji! Take me as Dakshina!”
Akhandanandji held his hand and said:
“Who would leave such a mother? My mother has come in Dakshina.” This is an incident of Swami Akhandanand ji, as ashrams were built at his other places and the learned devotees from India and abroad were influenced by him.

She became more famous after the independence of the country. In 1982, she became absorbed in Brahma in Kankhal Ashram, Haridwar.